Brazilian Trailers Pack v1.9.5.1 - 1.45
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Specifications: Refrigerated and Dry Freight trailer (RANDON) – 154 Paintings of real Brazilian companies in the refrigerated trailer – 152 Paintings of real Brazilian companies in the dry freight trailer – 4 Accessory options (Side protectors and spare tire) – 2 Tail lights options Car Transporter (DAMBROZ) – 12 Variations in positions and colors of loaded vehicles – 6 Color options – 2 Tail lights options – 2 Types of vehicles to load – 2 Accessory options (Siderail and spare tire) Flatbed (GUERRA) – 3 Body options (with tarps, without tarps and without side covers) – 2 Tail lights options – 1 Accessory option (spare tire) Changelog: 1.45 Compatibility English translation corrections Fix trailers flying in store – Car Transporter Dambroz New Textures New painting support New accessory (Siderail and spare tire) 3D fixes and improvements – Flatbed Guerra New ambient occlusion of lids Fixes to tarpaulin paintings 3D fixes and improvements Correction in the custom painting of the covers Fixing the lashing strap – Dry Freighter and Refrigerated Randon Corrections paintings Thermo king shadow correction Credits: LPMods

Credits: LPMods


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