Volvo FH12/16 (Pendragon) Gawr Gura Skin
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Hello It’s been a while (again), sorry for that because i have irl work that must be done and plus my post on scs forum was deleted by moderator so yeah i’m in harsh situation right now, but it’s okay i can recovery from that one so here is a Gawr Gura livery yeah i know this was another OLD livery that i wanna remake to FH12 it’s been sitting duck for heck long time, so yeah enjoy. Details: -Globetrotter XL Cab Only -All Chassis Support -All Custom Part Support (No Texture Error) Credits: Pendragon For Volvo FH12/16 Kanae For Amazing Illustration Zen Workshop (Zenvi) the A U T H O R and C R E A T O R of this skin

Credits: Zen Workshop (Zenvi)


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