Ultimate Real Companies v2.0 - 1.47
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Ultimate Real Companies Changelog Updated! 2 Companies added, Dachser and Aldi Some prefabs updates. Replace some of the default game companies with real ones. The idea behind is to gradually convert all the companies in the game to real companies. What exacly is being changed and added? ACI SRLA litalia Aero Baltica AirBaltic BCP Hyundai Cesta Mercadona EuroAcresArla Foods EuroGoodies Globus ExomarIntermar FCPBMWFLE Air France IKA Bohag IKEA Kaarfor Carrefour Libellula Vespa LWK WalterPolaris Lines DFDS Posped DHL San Builders Hochtief Scout Skoda Sell Plan Aldi Spinelli Pirelli Super Cesta SuperSol Tradeaux DB Schenker Trameri BASF Transinet DACH SERW GCC Bayer

Credits: Ketaros


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