Trucks Sound N007 v02.10.2021 [1.41.x]
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ATTENTION! I made this mod for myself and maybe you do not need it. Euro Truck Simulator 2 [Fmod] Sound mod: -=( ETS2_Trucks_Sound-N007_ver_02.10.2021.scs )=- for trucks in ETS2. This sound-mod changes the sound of any default engines in all SCS trucks and other trucks for ETS2. (This sound mod changes the sound of SCS trucks and others trucks with any default engines in ETS2.) List of trucks in ETS2 by default (SCS): – DAF.2021 – DAF.XF – DAF.XF_euro6 – Iveco.Hiway – Iveco.Stralis – MAN.TGX – MAN.TGX_euro6 – Mercedes.Actros – Mercedes.Actros2014 – Renault.Magnum – Renault.Premium – Renault.T range – Scania.R – Scania.R_2016 – Scania.S_2016 – Scania.Streamline – Volvo.FH16 – Volvo.FH16_2012 List of Other trucks in ETS2: – DAF 95 ATi (XBS) – DAF F241 (XBS) – DAF NTT (XBS) – Mercedes SK (XBS) – SISU.M (XBS) – Kenworth K100E in ETS2 – Scania.T (RJL) – Scania.RS (RJL) – Scania.T4 (RJL) – Scania.R4 (RJL) – Scania.G (RJL) ATTENTION! This mod do not change the game process. You can use sound mod at any time, it’s enough to leave the game and on/off or replace mod then continue the game. To work correctly, use any, but only one mod from this series. THE SOUNDS OF THIS MOD ARE NOT AGGRESSIVE, AND I RECOMMEND USING THIS MOD AT A MINIMUM, COMFORTABLE VOLUME LEVEL!

Credits: bobo58


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