TruckersGo – Voice Navi v3.0
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Hello Dear Players! Today I present to you my version of voice navigation in Polish. I was convinced by the viewers of my channel for the recording, so please keep in mind that you will not be spoken to by a professional lector. Therefore, I decided to re-record the whole thing using different software, as well as changing the recording and recording settings. As a result, the quality has improved significantly, and the package itself now weighs three times more than the basic version. I hope that with my voice you will reach every place. Cheers and have fun everyone. widths TruckersGo Changelog Update 3.00 – rework all sounds from games that support fmod Update 2.00 – all sounds have been re-recorded – change of recording sampling from 44.1 KHz to 96 KHz – change the recording quality Update 1.01 – added speeding sound Base 1.0 – fix roundabout Credits TruckersGO, PainUK

Credits: TruckersGO, PainUK


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