Temporal Anti Aliasing/DLSS/DLAA v8.4.7
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The mod removes flickering and ladders in the game. Temporary smoothing (TXAA)/DLS/DLS. A high-quality and high-performance time smoothing (TXAA) solution has been implemented, as well as DLSS/DLAA support for NVIDIA GPUs. Shadow and SSAO improvements. Now you don’t have to worry about flickering shadows and SSAO anymore. Requirements: Windows 10 x64 or Windows 11 x64, DirectX 11 Installation: place the file on the path X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64 For the version 1.49 – 1.48 – 1.47 Credits: Snowy Moon

Credits: Snowy Moon


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