Super Single Tires and Wide Wheels [1.42]
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This mod copies ATS’ wide rear wheels and tires (445/50 Super Single Drive Tires) over to ETS2. Update for 1.42 In Real Life – Super Single tires are available as drive and trailer tires; however this mod is currently only for TRUCKS. – Super Singles are allegedly available in Western Europe (thus this mod). – Super Singles have pros and cons. Some truckers love them; others avoid them. Compared to dual drive tires, Super Singles get better gas mileage, provide better traction on pavement, have fewer flats when properly maintained, and allow more payload (because a SS + one wheel weighs less than dual tires + dual wheels). – However, if a SS does go flat, repair is expensive, and many service companies do not stock replacements. Therefore, truckers who run Super Singles typically carry an extra one with them. – If your tractor has only one drive axle (e.g., 4×2), and a SS goes flat while hauling, you’re totally stuck waiting for roadside repair.

Credits: Eddie Yantz


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