SMG Sticker + Templates v3.0 [1.30.x]
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This is a Tuning Part Mod by SchuLLis Mod Garage for this Trucks: DAF XF 105 SCS DAF XF 105 50k DAF XF 106 EURO6 DAF XF 106 OHAHA MB NEW ACTROS MAN TGX EURO6 MADSTER MAN TGX SCS SCANIA R SCS Scania R & S 2016 SCANIA STREAMLINE SCS SCANIA RJL SCANIA PUNISHER VOLVO FH16 2012 Add Volvo FH 2009 (Classic) Version 3 ETS2 1.30 or Higher !!!! ATENTTIONE !!!!! Prerequisite for the mod, is that you have the Cabin DLC !!!! this is not the Finaly Version .. Credits: SMG

Credits: SMG


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TAGS:ETS 2, 1.30.x, v3.0, Templates, Sticker, SMG