Scania V8 Open Pipe with FKM Garage Exhaust System v1.5 [1.41.x]
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Version 1.5 Changelog: -New exhaust sound samples for Euro 6 engines -Removed auto exhaust brake engage in Euro 6 engines -Reduced exhaust brake sound in Euro 3-5 engines -Little more improvements This mod is Open pipe with FKM Garage exhaust system sound for all SCS Scania and RJL Scania R & Streamline and Scania R580 V8 M.Vreugdenhil by Platinum (Not support RJL Scania 4 Series or T Series) Feature: -Open pipe with FKM Garage exhaust system sound -Unique engine sound for Scania DC16 V8 Euro 3-5 and Euro 6 -Custom sound detail for extra realistic sound Slav Jerry - Sound modding and exhaust samples Kriechbaum, Alexander Swift - effects sound SCS Software - engine sound

Credits: Slav Jerry


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