Scania V8 EGR VGT Open Pipe Sound v1.0
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– Open pipe sound for Scania V8 engines that have EGR and VGT turbo(520, 580, 730HP) – Realistic VGT turbo behavior – Max volume regulation to reduce chance of sound flickering and prevent too loud sound (Highly recommended to put engine, exhaust, turbo volume slider to max) – Featured full 3D directional engine sound for extra realistic and different sound from the front and the back of the truck – Interior insulation effects for realistic sound inside the truck – Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off and distortions – Custom exhaust distortions for realistic exhaust tone Credits Slav Jerry - sound mixing and modding SCS Software - sound samples Liam Macdonald - Opticruise shifting sound

Credits: Slav Jerry


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