Scania NextGen Real V8 Sound v4.5 1.35 - 1.36
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Version: 4.5. Competible 1.27-1.36 Hi guys this mod changes scs nextgen scania r and s v8 sound this mod changes what? -Scania nextgen r and s v8 sound. -Scania nextgen r and s v8 start sound stop sound etc…. -Scania nextgen r and s v8 retarder sound. -Scania nextgen r and s v8 turbo sound. -Scania nextgen r and s v8 engine brake sound. -Pneumatic gear air sound added. -Scania nextgen r and s v8 opticruıse transmission sounds. -And ı change headlight color xenon this mod tho. -New horn sounds added engine brake sound adjusted. -New interior sounds added. -İnterior engine sound is more higher now THX VADER FOR ADVİCE. -Start sound change. -New air brake sound. -Engine brake sound adjusted. -Updated 1.36. -R series have more interior sound than s series like real life. -DONT FORGET THİS MOD MAKİNG FOR V8 engines ıf you love this mod and wanna support me you can premıum download or my webmoney account webmoney wme:E895382052601 ANY TEST VİDEO WOULD BE GOOD THANKS AGAİN. Credits: engineer

Credits: engineer


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