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This pack contains Scania branded mudflaps for Scania trucks utilizing the recently added mudflap slots to offer a wider selection of mudflaps. Mod updated! Version 1.4.1 - 2019-06-12: Game update 1.35 fixes Compatibility fixes for RJL Scania RS Compatibility fixes for RJL Scania T Compatibility fixes for RJL Scania R 4-series Compatibility fixes for RJL Scania T 4-series Pack includes additional flaps for the following slots: front mudflaps, rear mudflaps and rear wide mudflaps allowing you to have a matching set across your whole truck. Although please note that the new rear wide mudflaps may require the Mighty Griffin DLC if using the stock SCS trucks. All other mudflaps should continue to work as normal without it. All mudflaps are available for RJL Scania's with no DLC required. Supported SCS Trucks: Scania R (2012) Scania Streamline (2012) Scania R (2016) Scania S (2016) Supported Custom Trucks: Scania RS v2.2 by RJL Scania T v2.2 by RJL Scania R 4-series v2.2 by RJL Scania T 4-series v2.2 by RJL Please be aware the above custom trucks have only been tested with the version listed above as such if a newer version has since been released this mudflap pack may not work on that truck anymore. However, this pack will be updated in the future to support newer versions of those trucks where possible.

Credits: BlackBloodRum


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TAGS:pack, scania, ETS 2, 1.35.x, Mudflap, v1.4.1