SCANIA 6-Series DC16 V8 Sound Mod by Max2712 v1.3 [1.43]
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SCANIA V8 sound mod for the 5/6-series Scania trucks. Compatible with all V8 engines, also those in Galimim´s drivetrain revision mod. This sound mod consists of recordings made on a 2015 Scania R520 V8 Euro 6 with the 16.4l DC16 V8 engine, and features all sounds you can hear when driving the truck in reallife. The engine was recorded in multiple ways, all interior sticks, switches and warning tones were recorded, as well as air-brake sounds, the Opticruise gearbox sounds and much more! Changelog for V1.3: – adaption for patch 1.43 – custom sound attenuation config for a realistic sound isolation in the cabin (ETS2 1.43 only!) – small changes & volume optimizations in all sound tracks – added warning tone when stopping the engine with enabled headlights

Credits: Max2712


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