SaveEdit & JobSync Tool v0.0.8 (1.43.x)
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SaveEdit & JobSync- is a tool for editing save files and syncing jobs on Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's easy to use. All features are provided as ticks. Random routes are generated every 2 hours and switch between Simulation 1 & ProMods at 4 am (UTC) everyday. Features SaveEdit & JobSync Tool: - Edit money; - Edit player level; - Unlock all player skills; - Unlock all cities; - Unlock and upgrade all garages; - Unlock all truck dealers; - Fix all vehicles and trailers; - Fill up all vehicles; - Choose a listed job to sync; - Move truck to the starting place; - Compatible with: 1.41-1.42 & ProMods 2.56. Changes in v0.0.8: - Added compatibillity with the latest game patch 1.43; - Compatible with vehicle damage in ETS2 v1.43 How to Use - Preparation: Start the game --> choose the profile you want to modify --> Edit --> Disable 'Use Steam Cloud' - Step 1: Save a savegame in the game - Step 2: Open ETS666 Tool --> select the profile and savegame you want to modify --> tick what you want --> save - Step 3: Back to game --> load the modified savegame --> done, the convoy job could be found in the freight market Important This program is still in alpha state and MAY BROKE YOUR SAVE FILES. A backup file (game_bak.sii) will be created in the save file directory before saving. If you encounter any problems, please post a reply or create a github issue. Tested on game version 1.43.x

Credits: xiaosi, Mingran7, GiGiKing, Sniper


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