Retro’s Hardcore Realistic Physics v1.1 (1.31.x)
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This is a hardcore realistic physics designed for advanced users and users who are looking for realism. Also, the mod changes interior camera behavior. You need to adapt this mod. Files you have to change: 1. Truck chassis files, 2. Config file in profiles. Detailed tutorial with pictures is included in the mod file. After you modify all necessary files you are ready to feel the realism! Note! You can easily tip over the trailer if you are speeding in the corners. I’d like to thank AlexeyP because he allowed me to use some parameters from his physics mod. If there is someone who is willing to make a representing video I appreciate that, because right now I’m not able to make the video. Changelog v1.1: Completley overhauled driver seat movement Improved: Cabin roll angle Cabin roll force scaling factor Front axle damping Rear axle damping Trailer damping factor Credits: retro

Credits: retro


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