Renault T Light Improvements v1.6 (1.40.x)
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Welcome to the Renault T Range Light Improvements v.1.6 What is Light Improvements? It adds different parts from slots to lightboxes, sunvisors, custom sideskirts, roofbars, sidebars, bottombars, and many more. All you need is your lights accessory mods to individually design your Range T. This light accessory mods are supported: Abasstreppas Hella Lamp Pack: viewtopic.php?f=175&t=173286 Legendary “50k-addons”: viewtopic.php?t=246467 Powerkasi Light & Accessory: viewtopic.php?t=184720 Boreman LED Marker Lights: viewtopic.php?t=251668 The Renault T Range Light Improvements need a higher priority then the shown light accessory mods listed above in the mod manager. Changelog: New Parts: Air Filter Paint Cabin Side Stripe Paint Chrome Roofbars Chrome Bottombars Chrome Sidebars Chrome Frontbars Bullbar Chrome Bullbar Paint Bullbar Satin Black Bottombar FH4 Lip Renault Hub Cover Roof Airhorn Paint Wind Deflector Mirror Paint Lightbox Cutout Sunvisor New Custom Rearlights Rochatte Transports (FR) Roofbar Rochatte Transports (FR) Frontbar Rochatte Transports (FR) Sunvisor Skins: Rochatte Transports (FR) Custom Style Skin Fixes: AO Rearfender Correction 6×24 6×2 Double Rearlight Fenders SCS License Plate Lowered Chassis Standalone Lowered Chassis Shadow Adjustments Added Missing Texture on Airco Interior Model Lightbox Removed Glass Custom Sunvisors Slot Adjustments Def Files: Added Conflict Strings

Credits: Gloover, Sogard3, umri20


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