Realistic Brutal Weather v9.7 by Kass (1.50.x)
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Important: Do not use with any other Weather & Rain & Graphics type or similar mods please Disable them. Features In Realistic Brutal Graphics & Weather: ✔ Enhanced Weather And Graphics ✔ Full Weather System ✔ Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.50.x ✔ Compatible To Work With Majority Of Maps ✔ Realistic Reflections, Rain, Sun, Lights etc ✔ Realistic Cloud Shadows ✔ Realistic Sun ✔ Realistic Sun Rays ✔ Realistic Fog, Mist, Haze ✔ Several Types Of Fog Intensity ✔ Realistic Lightning Bolts ✔ Several Types Of Lightning Intensity ✔ Realistic Rain ✔ Realistic Rain Intensity ✔ Over 10 Types Of Rain Intensity ✔ Realistic Rain Drops And Windshield Effects ✔ Realistic Rain Effects ✔ Realistic Rain Sounds ✔ Realistic Thunder Sounds (Over 40 HQ Sounds) ✔ Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck ✔ Realistic Water (Sea, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Beach, Dam, Waves etc) ✔ Realistic Water Effects ✔ Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Own Truck & AI Traffic) ✔ Several Different Types Of Weather ✔ Several Different Types Of Sunset / Evenings ✔ Several Different Types Of Nights / Day ✔ Several Different Types Of Dawn / Sun Rises ✔ Compatible With Convoy ✔ No Bloom ✔ Custom Truck Outside View – Further Zoom Out (Keyboard Key 2) Zoom In / Out (Mouse Wheel) ✔ Works With Low Ends PC´s (As Long Your PC Meets The Official Minimum Requirements For Ets2) Realistic Brutal Graphics And Weather News / Updates: ✔ Compatible With ETS 1.50.x ✔ Tweaks in Weather General ✔ Removed Loading Screens ✔ Other Tweaks And Improvements IMPORTANT: Extract the archive & put Realistic Brutal Graphics & Weather mod In your Mods Folder and activate it In High Priority (Top). You can support my work if you want just buy me Credits: Kass

Credits: Kass


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