Real Ai Traffic FMOD Engine Sounds v1.48.b
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Changes 1.48b File updated for 1.48.x will also work in 1.49 Features: This mod includes personalized FMOD sounds for all cars, SUVs, trucks and buses of the ETS2 default vehicles. Some vehicles received a more realistic speed limit Most of the Ai cars received personalized real colors Ai trucks received also a larger variety of colors Ai trucks received an increased spawn ratio (this will not affect density neither the ratio vs cars but is useful if you use truck packs) Place this mod above any other mods that may include Ai vehicles (map mods, economy mods, company mods, etc) My best sound tweaks are traffic slider at about 35-40% and truck engine at 60-70% If you have access to my other sound packs available only on my Discord, please keep the base sounds mod on top Not compatible with other mods which change Ai def files like for example mods which change the speed, colors, torque or ratio of the Ai default vehicles. Mod is only compatible with game version 1.38 and above Credits Cip

Credits: Cip


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