Real Ai Traffic FMOD Engine Sounds v1.48.a
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Changes v1.48.a: 1.48.5 update Revision of Ai files Replaced some car sounds Features: – this mod includes personalized FMOD sounds for all cars, SUVs, trucks, and buses of the ETS2 default vehicles. – some vehicles received a more realistic speed limit – most of the Ai cars received personalized real colors – Ai trucks also received a larger variety of colors – Ai trucks received an increased spawn ratio (this will not affect density or the ratio vs cars but is useful if you use truck packs) – place this mod above any other mods that may include Ai vehicles (map mods, economy mods, company mods, etc) – my best sound tweaks are the traffic slider at about 35-40% and the truck engine at 60-70% – not compatible with other mods that change Ai def files like for example mods that change the speed, colors, torque, or ratio of the Ai default vehicles. – mod is only compatible with game version 1.38 and above Credits Cip

Credits: Cip


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