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This is an ADD-ON to Jazzycat’s traffic pack This add-on sets all cars to REAL SPAWNS BY COUNTRY they appear in. Every country has custom setting of all cars spawning, according to the real traffic and car brands popularity. Spawns follow also country’s wealth, which means no more luxury cars on every corner in less wealthy countries like Romania or Macedonia for example. WHEELS FIXING – fixed too small or too big wheels for dozens of cars, both SCS and Jazzycat’s. REAL COLOURS – added real colours for most of SCS cars and several Jazzycat’s cars, completely new generic colour palette (since v. 21.8) for vehicles that do not have custom colours. NEW FEATURES – Trailer variety – each Jazzycat’s car with hook now can tow more trailers than one, just like SCS trucks. That means you can once spot that car with caravan trailer, once with the buggy trailer or car trailer. Trailers for cars now have frequency of spawn, which means more common trailers like caravan trailer spawn more often than technical trailer like transformator or driller trailer. Add-on has been updated to version 21.8.2 for v1.50 There has been quite many improvements this time: – New countries support added! – I’ve made spawns for Morocco and Tunisia, which means add-on now supports Mahgreb map mod! – Reworked spawn settings for Netherlands and Iraq. – Real spawns added for new vehicles by SCS – Audi A3 sedan ’20 and Honda Civic ’22. – Real colour added for both of SCS new vehicles. – Reworked real colours palette for SCS Dacia Sandero and Fiat Punto. – Changed wheels for SCS Fiat Punto, it now has hubcaps! – Changed wheels for SCS Mercedes-Benz GLS (they look much better imho). – Lowered spawn ratio of SCS Iveco Daily towtruck again. – SCS Neoplan bus with Balkans Trans skin disallowed outside of Balkans or its spawns are significantly lowered. – Changed wheels for SCS Ford Transit ’16. – Added real colour palette for SCS Ford Transit ’16. – SCS Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit disallowed for most of Middle-East, African and Asian countries. – Increased spawn rate of Danish police Ford Mondeo Updated add-on requires Jazzycat’s AI pack v21.8.2 and ETS2 game version 1.50. Place Add-on above Jazzycat’s pack in mod manager. Credits Egon

Credits: Egon


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