Open Pipe Sound for all Trucks v11.0
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I have seen great support for this new version It is the better version ! For those who wonder why I downloaded many copies, this is proof of my desire to work and will be counted from one copy to another. It is new version ! —————– UPDATES ——————— Updated read me. ●Corrected sound engines in stock trucks. ● Add new trucks. ●Edited Coumb in the Turbine for most aggradable drive in game. ●New New trucks. ●New Engine sound ●Add Mult Torque Paccar engines with sound. ●New Transmission Specs. ●All game stock trucks now have engines multi-sounds. ●Stock Engine sounds reworked. ●New Air brake sound ●Corrected No Sound internal cabines on stock engines in stock trucks. ● New HD & Clean Sound ●New Tires sound ●New Winker sound All SCS Vanilla Trucks I hope you like it and you have fun with it. Enjoy it Credits: frederique410

Credits: frederique410


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