New Temporal Anti Aliasing – No More Aliasing, Flickering v7.2
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Changes v7.2 – Fixed some FPS drop problems – TAA for foliage (tree, grass etc.) improved a lot – T.SSAO improved a lot, Stronger SSAO added – Flickering & blurry objects at night fixed – Some changes to solve fps drop on AMD GPUs (not tested) TAA is a method used by modern games to solve aliasing issues. – Full implementation of TAA for ETS2/ATS – It has a low-performance impact compared to any other antialiasing solution. – It is not only post-process TAA like you have in other apps, which just blurs your screen. TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) was implemented with a .dll file to replace the default antialiasing method with TAA. It removes/receding aliasing, flickering, and shimmering with a minimal performance impact. You can get rid of aliasing problems with only 100% resolution scale in the game. You can use the left gpu power for higher graphic settings or anything you want. Supported Versions: ETS2: 1.48.x ATS: 1.48.x Installation: 1. Go to Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator folder 2. Go to “bin\win_x64” folder 3. Copy & paste dxgi.dll file 4. Start the game with DirectX 11 5. Disable any other anti-aliasing (SMAA, MSAA, Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)) Settings: Press “HOME” key to open the menu in-game Rate = TAA apply rate (9 default and recommended) Sharpness = Sharpen filter rate You can use this method for any other project using dxgi.dll. Create a folder named “reshade” inside “bin\win_x64\” folder. Copy reshade files (dxgi.dll, ReShade.ini, ReShadePreset.ini, reshade-shaders) to “bin\win_x64\reshade\” folder. Put TAA dxgi.dll to “bin\win_x64\” folder. Now you can play the game with TAA and ReShade. When reshade is activated, you need to use “END” key for TAA instead of “HOME” key. Credits: snowymoon

Credits: snowymoon


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