New Scania V8 Range Engines & Gearboxes 1.42
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This mod will add 4 engines and updated gearboxes from Scania's new range for the 2016 Scania S & R. 530 hp (395 kw) - 2800 Nm 590 hp (440 kw) - 3050 Nm 660 hp (495 kw) - 3300 Nm 770 hp (574 kw) - 3700 Nm Shift times go down from 0.7 seconds to 0.4 seconds with new gearboxes. Realistic? Probably not, but I have no information on actual shift times. Another note for realism: The R series doesn't have the 770hp engine as an option in real life, as far as I know. Special thanks to AndyK78 for creating the badges! 0-100km/h (62.1371 mph) speed tests, unloaded. 4x2 730HP, "Old" GRSO 905R - 12.6 seconds 770HP, "New" GRSO 905R - 10.6 seconds If you have issues with the mod not having any sound, make sure it is above all other mods. Sound mods may totally break this.

Credits: P h o e n i x


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