Multiple Trailers in Traffic v8.0 [1.41]
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Adds drawbar double, HCT double and B-Double trailers in ETS2 traffic. What’s in the box: ETS2 Double Trailers In Traffic Curtainsiders, dryvans, insulated trailers and reefers in drawbar double, B-double and HCT (two full-length trailers linked with a dolly) versions Versions of all SCS traffic trucks to pull them with. ETS2 Double Trucks For CIP Sound Mod SCS trucks adapted to use CIP’s improved sound mod. REQUIRES ETS2 DOUBLE TRAILERS IN TRAFFIC MOD AND MUST BE PLACED ABOVE IT IN THE MOD MANAGER. ETS2 Jazzycat Doubles Traffic versions of the double trailers Jazzycat’s Trailers & Cargo mod. REQUIRES JAZZYCAT’S TRAILERS & CARGO MOD AND THE ETS2 DOUBLE TRAILERS IN TRAFFIC MOD. ETS2 Double Trailers For Cargo Allows double SCS trailers for cargo-carrying in areas outwith the base/DLC maps. STANDALONE MOD. Cement Mixer Adds SCS concrete mixer trailer in traffic plus the yellow version in the freight market. STANDALONE MOD. Updated for ETS2 v1.41 – added Renault T Evo trucks and some new countries 

Credits: Mr Larrington


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