Mudflaps Ultra Mega Pack for Ownable Trailers v1.0 [1.37.x]
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THIS PACK IS FOR YOU!!! ****************************************************** As you have noticed, I totally changed gender, and yes boys and girls, now Matt_07ita has made a MEGA PACK, indeed ultra mega pack because it contains 60 dedicated splash guards. REMEMBER THAT IT IS STRICTLY MANDATORY TO KEEP THE TWO ORIGINAL LINKS, OBVIOUSLY IN RESPECT, EVERYTHING HERE! For this skin I ******************************************************* spent 4/5 hours for all the templates and in addition one hour for another, it was very demanding but I think it was a big step forward and we hope that this mod for version 1.37 will remain in history. LET’S GO TO THE FACTS! I repeat, this skin contains 60 mud flaps, that is: -go in style (4/5) -scania vabis (4) -scania biler -truckjunkie -only was is danish -MAN (7/8) -Volvo (6/7) -SCANIA (10/15) -DAF (5/6) -IVECO (8/10) -MERCEDERS – BENZ (10/12) -Renault (8/10) -Other (5/10) ****************************************************** if I have not been very clear download the mod and ENJOY !!!

Credits: Matt_07ita


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