Michelin X Multiway3D Addon -
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Features: -Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE 315/70 R 22.5 Tyres (Front, Rear & Trailer). -Standard Rims (22.5″) in Matt, Gloss & Paintable (Front & Rear). -Elite Rider Rims (22.5″) in Matt, Gloss & Paintable (Front & Rear). -Alcoa Rims (22.5″) (Front & Rear). -The Rims has the scaling as SCS’s Standard rims, so all SCS’s hubs, nuts & covers fits on the new rims. Since the new Rims have a full rim model, with a back side of the rim, that gives an awesome look of the entire wheel from the front and the back. Not like the SCS Rims models, where they only have a front side. This is a standalone version. Compatible with 1.45x Credits: SCS Software, Big T

Credits: Big T


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