Iveco Sound Mod by Leen 1.33.x
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New Update: (04-12-2018) -new oark brake sound -real switches and button sounds -real suspension and gravel sounds -new real trailer sound effect Now you can use all my sound mods together without involving each other Note from the Author: I will releasel my new Iveco sound with real sounds taken from real life videos, some files are made by Vasily and Kriechbaum but most of the soundfiles are real. I took a few videos from the Stralis and ripping the soundfiles of it so I get real engine soundfiles of each rpm range and those files I trow it in a big kettle and mix it to this sound, this is the new way to making soundmods The real files are; Start/stop engine, engine sounds, horn sound, brake sounds blinker sounds but I have to edit more files and added to this sound, go see and listen for yourself and enjoy it. This could be my last sound mod because my health won't let me making sounds for now. The Load order -Tire sound mod -Iveco Sound mod -Iveco DriveTrain Revision.

Credits: Leen



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