Improved Truck Physics v2.6.1 [1.31.x]
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Key features: 1. More realistic and softer cabin movement; 2. Softer truck and trailer suspension; 3. Trailer is not so stable on high speed manoeuvres and while cornering; 4. User can loose control over the truck and trailer because of more realistic tyre and sway-bar settings; 5. Truck will accelerating and braking slower; 6. More driver body movement during driving and various manoeuvres; 7. More realistic engine/transmission/clutch settings; 8. It is harder to control the truck. Steering is not so arcade and easy. Supported trucks (IMPORTANT!): Mod support all trucks and trailers, but full support (which means tweaked chassis files) available only for trucks and trailers from vanilla game version. Other truck/trailer mods can be adapted manually (see section “truck/trailer mod adaptation”). Important: you still can use this physics with truck/trailer mods without any adaptation, but in this case, chassis suspension behavior will be not as planned by mod… Installation instructions: 1. Extract all files from downloaded rar-archive to some temp folder; 2. Based on control device you use to play ETS2 (keyboard or steering wheel) and desired cabin movement (soft/normal), copy desired physics mod to MOD folder and enable it in Mod manager with lower priority, than truck/trailer mod (to avoid possible conflicts); 3. Play! I very recommend to use gameplay and controls settings from provided jpg screenshots for better experience from this physics mod. Changelog for v.2.6.1: -Fixed incorrect cog_offset values in cargo definition files; -Heavily decreased chance of cabin “sticking” to the chassis during the braking. Credits: AlexeyP, SCS Software

Credits: AlexeyP


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