Improved Enviroment Textures v3.1.3 [1.40.x]
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Fael Environment - A small but quite functional graphic mod called makes noticeable changes in the environment that the player encounters throughout the trip. Changes are primarily aimed at vegetation. It becomes much larger with the use of this mod. And this is not just an increase in the amount of vegetation, but a significant processing of these objects. Added a lot of trees with better rendering, with the presence of a large number of foliage, which looks very impressive. The FAEL Environment mod will give you a better visual to Euro Truck Simulator 2 with new textures for trees, road, ground, grass, water,… and will not change the weather in game. Features Fael Environment: - Changed tree models. - The grass is redone. - The best variations and color adjustments - Recycled land and grass textures - Road textures not included - New improved textures for trees, road, ground, grass, water Changes in v3.1.3 - Small update to fix incorrect textures for some fr_trees. - Compatible with 1.39.x / 1.40.x.

Credits: Rafaelbc, Grimes


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