Headlight Options (LED+XENON) for new light system v1.42a
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UPDATE 10.10.21: * fixed it in 1.42. - This mod now provides LED & Xenon headlight choices for all SCS trucks (except Iveco Stralis: because of an anomoly I can't resolve yet). - Because Europe is banning halogen bulbs, SCS dealers will default to LED headlights on all truck sales (Xenon is optional); selected older models allow player override to halogen. - Some company trucks (Quick Job) still have halogen headlights. This mod . . . - Adds choice of Halogen or LED/Xenon headlights for SCS trucks. - Widens beam's angle for trucks' low beams. - Lengthens range for trucks' high beams. - Eliminates low-beam specular - Reduces led and xenon intensities Trucks included: - SCS stock trucks (except Iveco Stralis)

Credits: Eddie Yantz


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