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Do you ever wanted to create your own, custom cargos in Euro Truck Simulator 2? With detailed cargo, trailer and distance information? With job logger? No Problem with Express Cargo Creator! Express Cargo Creator has been developed to help some people in our ETS2 convoi to create custom cargo jobs the easy way. The main goal was to provide a piece of software which runs flawless and is usable without any difficulty. Not every gamer is a Nerd so the decision was done quite fast to create a simple but powerful user interface. Furthermore the Express Cargo Creator doesn’t need any save game path provided by the user - the path is determined automatically and existing profiles will be listed in a user friendly list on the top left. Express Cargo Creator offers a user interface that can be used by both beginners and professionals alike. Main features: - automated savegame localising - profile based - many cargo, trailer and distance information - job logger (a simple one) - clean, powerful and easy user interface, no clutter and everything self explaining - built in savegame backup and restore function - distance data missing in the built in database will be soft-added automatically when loading a profile - currently localised: english, french, german (OS depending, fallback language = english). Express Cargo Creator only supports Euro Truck SImulator 2. I prefer to be completely ETS2 compatible instead of being 50% ETS and 50% ATS compatible. This won't change in the future. Before you ask: unfortunately your own trailers are not supported. This won't change until SCS simplifies the savegame file format. Once it's possible to use own trailers, it will be implemented! Furthermore external fright market isn't supported. This won't change until SCS gives modders the ability to do so. Supporting ETS 1.35

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