ETS2 Savegame Editor v1.1 1.32.x
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Do you have trouble with modifying your savegames or do you feel like it is too much work for you? Well, now the time has come to make it easier for you. Let me present you the (I’m still looking for a good name) “ETS2 Savegame Editor” There is not much to say about it, it’s only purpose is to make saveediting easier and (hopefully) faster. Just take a look at the images in the spoiler close to the bottom of this post. And let me answer your first question, YES, IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH ATS as well. Use help: Hit “Open File” and select your savegame file Hit “Anyalyze Savegame” Wait a few seconds until a message appears Modify the stuff you want Hit “Apply and Save Settings” Wait until you get a success message Done, you have successfully modified your savegame

Credits: RayRay5



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