Double Trailers in Traffic 1.36.x
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The return of double trailers for the SCS companies that have them for cargo-hauling. I very much doubt it will work under any version of ETS2 prior to v1.36, and it needs the Scandiwegia DLC. I have also included trailers for Ford, Yorkshire Tea* and an alternative Volvo one, because I am Nice. The trailers currently appear in: Algeria Argentina Belarus Brazil (all of it) Chile Denmark Egypt Finland Germany Kazakhstan Libya Morocco Netherlands Norway Paraguay Russia (also all of it) Spain Sweden Tunisia Ukraine Uruguay or at least will do if there are actually roads for them to appear on. I’m not sure how far EAA has spread their tentacles over South America. Included in the /def/country folder are text files with the spawn frequency in them and a Windows batch file – populate.bat – to copy them to the relevant sub-directories. This will be of no use if you’re running on a Mac or under Linux, obv. Sorry. Trucks and trailers are all bog-standard SCS ones. Credits: Mr.Larrington

Credits: Mr.Larrington


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