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1.39 Cummins N14 Lope Idle Engine Originally posted to ATS but have added now to ETS after getting myself a copy. New to ATS(April 2020), new to modding and fmod but here is my first ever mod. An N14 lope engine inspired by mortals outdated 1.36 mod. It not being updated motivated me over the last few days to learn fmod and modding in general and create an engine mod and here it is. Enjoy. There’s Six engines to choose from a 550hp, 810hp, and 1080hp. Each with a lope an no lope option (Update) I've also added Mortals engine AKA Bald Eagle 1420hp (lope only) Its Compatible with all SCS both ATS & ETS2 trucks & over 60 mod trucks. to name a few Most Steam mod trucks, GTMs trucks Harven trucks Redd Mack CHU613 Overfloater K100e Lucasi International Bigdaddys Kenworth W900a Richo's Long W900 Frkn 64 euro trucks Vipers 389 Also compatible Pinga trucks Ruda trucks RTA's trucks Kishadowalkers trucks inc superliner Jessmods XL Cyrus trucks Rollin 389 and a couple of others Credits - Honsetly these guys below deserve all the credit. with out them none of this would be possible. go visit their pages and show them some love. To Kriechbaum for all the original samples that were used (with permission). I hope can get my engines sounding as good as yours one day. To Mortal, I used his lope engine idle from his outed n14 engine mod. it not being updated inspired me to learn and create this mod. To Robinicus and Harven, for sharing all the information, videos, tips and tricks on the how to use fmod and create engine mods. Honestly,two bloody legends, cant thank you enough. SCS software team for all your on going hard work, the wiki page with the info and templates on fmod. Any feedback you may have please feel free to drop a comment

Credits: Johnny_Cash


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