Create Sound Mods 1.41.x
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ATTENTION! I did it for myself and you may not need it. For ( American Truck Simulator ) smd ( Euro Truck Simulator 2 ) RAR archive (## _ Create_sound_mods_here.exe) ~ 85MB In the RAR archive (## _ Create_sound_mods_here.exe) a software environment for creating sound mods for ATS and ETS2, but not for creating sounds. ATTENTION!!! This software environment, which is contained in the RAR archive (## _ Create_sound_mods_here.exe), I offer only to those who are familiar with the “Command Processor” type bat-file / cmd-file and their commands. I have no way to explain / teach, I do not speak English, so try to figure it out yourself or with friends, but without me. Good luck everyone. P.S. I tried to make everything work on any computer and not depend on its configuration. Alas, I cannot foresee everything, I am not a professional and, perhaps, this venture will end in failure.

Credits: bobo58


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