Brutal Traffic v4.2 by Kass - 1.50
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Brutal Traffic V4.2 – Compatible With ETS 1.50.x Features In Brutal Traffic: ✔ Compatible With ETS 1.50.x ✔ Compatible with all maps and all dlc’s ✔ Traffic Jams ✔ Traffic Behavior ✔ Compatible with any AI Traffic Packs ✔ Lowered Ammount of Trucks and Buses ✔ Improved Traffic Flow ✔ Extended Traffic Lights / Semaphores Timings ✔ Road Traffic Accidents ✔ Custom Road Events News & Updates: ✔ Compatible With ETS 1.50.x ✔ Other Tweaks And Improvements Important Disclaimer: Brutal Traffic mod should & was tested mainly to work in Base / Vannila game, with any game DLCs, but does not provides support for any map mod out there that comes with their own traffic light timings etc.  Credits: Kass

Credits: Kass


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