Better Raindrops v1.3 [1.47]
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Changes v1.3: Increased sharpness of raindrops texture Tweaked particle behavior (drops are slightly slower now) Improved sound effects for rain Added support for MAN TGX 2020 Reworked car splash trails Add new texture and significantly increase the number of raindrops. To improve the physical behavior of particles, now their spawn will be more affected by truck position relative to rain inclination. It makes a huge difference and vastly improves the perception of the weather! Just try it yourself! Detailed description of config parameters in \def\vehicle\interior_glass_config.sii in case you want to play around with the settings yourself Important! The mod is fully compatible with both ATS/ETS2 and any other weather/sound mods, just give it a priority and place it on top of others. Personally, I love to use it with the Improved SCS Rain mod for a better sound experience. 

Credits: Avelium


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