Alpha Interior-Addons Pack v1.1
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Features: Steam Deck (2 Variants) NOS Thor Hammer (Silver, Red and Blue) Thor Hammer Big (Silver, Red and Blue) Snake Canaan Dog Beagle Dog Superman Toy Superman Passenger Galaxy Watch Women for Bed Women for Bed FSK 18 Furby (green, red, blue, white) Coffee Maker Amazon Alexa Dot Bun Jack Russell Dog Skelett 8 Passengers for Seat old Models Vera Passenger Jens Passenger Skelett Toy, Sit, Hang 5 Custom Flags for Interior Background Decals ( Elch, Oldschool. Popeye, Redlight, V8 Problems, Scania V8 Power, Polarbear, Streetmachine) Animgirl Statue Amstaff Dog Terrier Dog More stuff comming soon Credits Alphafungamer

Credits: Alphafungamer


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