AI Superlights v1.9 by Arayas (1.38.x)
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AI Superlights - the modification pretty much changes the lighting in the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Traffic lights, street lights and headlights of all traffic in the game have been improved. The goal of the author was to make the night lighting more realistic. Features mod AI Superlights: - Reduced light intensity to prevent strong glow in traffic jams; - Adjusted the angle of inclination of headlights to reduce the glow inside the cabin; - Less reflections on the dashboard from the car behind; - New static modern light (cold and warm colors) for each lamp outside; - Return of standard traffic lights (now they are in order); - Better light reflection from direction indicators; - The best side lights for each trailer; - Better HDR control and bloom reduction; Changes in v1.9: - adapted to the latest game version 1.38.x Tested on game version 1.38.x

Credits: Arayas


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