Southeast Asia Map (SEA Map) v0.2.5.1 - 1.50
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PLEASE PACKAGE SEA AS AVAILABLE ON RTA IF YOU WANT COMBINE WITH RTA UPDATE: New country: Laos Added ios copy to map exploration Added new overlap on the map Added some new flags New AI: Motorcycle Added 13 new cities and towns Replaced some planes on the map Added some billboards Added fixes with Road To Asia Modified flags and added some new flags (thanks to Septian for making the flags) Thanks for imxiaoanag’s help for temporary fixing the license plate issue which may cause CTD. DESCRIPTION: 8 countries (Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines,Vietnam,Papua New Guinea,Laos) Can be used in combination with Promods, JRR, Rusmap, MAPA EAA, Southern Region, Kazakhstan, Sibir, Road To Asia and other maps All DLC maps are required to work It is highly desirable to have a background map that includes Asia (otherwise you will not see this map) In the future, there will be the remaining areas of southern Thailand, central and northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, East Timor, Bangladesh and other regions Credits Xiguawangzi3399,Wongchiucheong

Credits: Xiguawangzi3399,Wongchiucheong


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