Southeast Asia Map (SEA Map) v0.2.1.1 - 1.46
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Changes Fixed problems with navigation refractory Bus stops in some cities of Malaysia have been added. Some geographical names in traditional Chinese have been changed. Added IKEA company in three cities Border markers of districts in Thailand have been added. A total of 97 cities and 4 countries. Map of Southeast Asia. – 4 countries; – 97 cities; – Songkhla province in the south of Thailand; – West coast of the Malaysia and Singapore Peninsula; – You can combine with modes of cards, including Road to Asia, Rusmap, Mapa EAA, Promods. For work, all DLC maps are needed. In the future, the remaining areas of South Thailand, Central and North Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, the eastern coast of the peninsula Malaysia, East Malaysia (Sabach and Saravak), Myanmas, Vietnam, Philippines, East Timor, Bangladesh and other regions will appear. Credits Xiguawangzi3399,Wongchiucheong

Credits: Xiguawangzi3399,Wongchiucheong


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