Rebuild of Romania v3.0.2 (Black Sea Rebuild) by Stefan IT [1.48]
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Contents: – Added 11 new cities and towns: Tulcea, Isaccea, Babadag, Mihail Kogălniceanu, Garvăn, Sebeș, Sibiu, Șelimbăr, Făgăraș, Șercaia, Codlea. – Featuring, in premiere, the still under construction suspension bridge at Brăila and the DX8 expressway. – Featuring, in premiere, two just opened highway nodes: A10 Highway Node at Sebeș and A1 Sibiu – Boița node at Șelimbăr. – Two viewpoints in Sebeș and Sibiu – Many Recognisable landmarks, such as: Săcel viaduct, Sibiu International Airport, Sibiu city center, Veștem DN1-DN7 road stop and important highway nodes. – Many custom signs – All, at a higher quality. Required DLC: Going East, Scandinavia, France, Italia, Baltic, Black Sea. Iberia is *not* required to work. Changelog – Compatibility for 1.48 Credits: Stefan IT

Credits: Stefan IT


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