ProMods 2.65 – RusMap 2.47 Road Connection - 1.47
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This connector is intended only for a bundle of Rusmap 2.47 + Promods 2.65 maps and should have a high priority in the modification list. To launch this modification, the mandatory availability of all DLC cards is required. The order of the files in the modification list: PM263_RM2.46_CONNECT_RUSMAP_V1.0 Rusmap Map Package Rusmap Model 2 Package Rusmap Model Package Promods Definition Package Promods Map Package Promods Media Package Promods Models Package 3 Promods Models Package 2 Promods Models Package 1 Promods Assets Package Rusmap Def Package Installation: copy the downloaded file to the mod folder and connect to the mod manager. For the game version 1.47.x

Credits: Aldimator, Sergey061, Vladzz-G, Daw


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TAGS:RUSMAP, 1.47, 2.65, 2.47, CONNECTION, Road, PROMODS