Petrovo Map (RUS Region) v3.5 (1.43.x)
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Changed and added: – the map is adapted for the game version 1.43.x, works in Convoy mode – GREBENKINO village with parking – the new city of PERVOMAISK with a garage – the village of Pankova – a new section of road from the village . Moreva to Grebenkina village – the converted city of IVASHEVO with surroundings – the converted city of PETROVO with surroundings – the converted city of KISHKINO with surroundings – Fire department, Temple, city hospital, in the city of PETROVO – redesigned environment, from the city of IVASHEGO to PETROVO – a converted bridge in the city of KISHKINO – converted mk.SAVINO – new tunnel from mk.SAVINO to the city of SAVINO – new automobile center in the area of mk.SAVINO – edited environments, around two companies ARIA and STEIN – a new road from the town of SAVINO to the village of GREBENKINA – new road signs and lighting – new town GREEN GROVE – the converted city of GRIDINO with surroundings – edited intersections and refueling in the area of the city of DOBRY – remade the city is NEW, with an environment – the road in the RASVET state farm has been edited, and tractors have been launched – edited texture in the village of FEDOROVKA – completely redesigned the go-kart – the city of PUTINO was renamed the city of PUSHKINO – new highway, from PERVOMAISK to NOVY – new LCD MASCOT – new village of LESNAYA – new mkr.ZARECHYE – converted village of ERSHOVO, now with traffic – redone the city of ZHUKOVKA, and edited the city lighting – edited databases from the city of ZHUKOVKA to the village of DESYATKINO – edited parking in the village of DESYATKINO, now traffic is driving in the village – the converted BJORK company, in the village of DESYATKINO Installing the PETROVO card: – NOW INSTEAD OF THE MAP11 MODULE, INSTALL THE MODULE, PEprovo DLC is required for the map to work: – Iberia – Beyond the Baltic Sea – Italia – Vive la France – Scandinavia – Road to the Black Sea

Credits: Oleg Kretov


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