Map of Slovakia by KimiSlimi v17 1.35.x
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New Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi V.17 – FULL VERSION = SUMMER SPECIAL We have Update V.17 !!!! (This time it’s FULL and DEMO together) What is New? + The city of Bratislava has been rebuilt with new roads + Connecting the route from Trnava to the Czech Republic with TRE-ET + Finally, the town of Humenné was added with the entire settlement under Sokolej + Fixed Bugs across Map + Map Updated to game version 1.35 + Freeway between Brno and Ostrava Why FULL for FREE now? – Throughout the summer holiday, I will not pay much attention to the map, which means that you will have FULL Version for free to 14.8.2019 – Sometimes I add photos from the editor, because if I am at home, I will work in the editor – I will start making map from celebrating the anniversary of the map on August 14, 2019 – ON THE CELEBRATING 1 YEAR OF THE MAP WILL THE GREAT COMPETITION !!! – Of course if you have a problem with the map, write me – You can also pay to the map during June and July. – Still needed DLC East and DLC Baltic Sea

Credits: KimiSlimi


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