Map Kalsel | Map Kalimantan Barat | Adaro Mining Map - 1.49
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This combined Kalimantan map contains 3 maps: Adaro Mining map, South Kalimantan v3 and West Kalimantan, author sultan, abdulhayyi.. This map already works on ETS2 version 1.40 to 1.49 Sequence in Mod Manager Adaro Traffic FIX [1.44] * Adaro Traffic DEF [1.44] * Mining Traffic BASE * West Kalimantan (def) KALSEL MODEL 1 KALSEL MODEL 2 KALSEL MODEL 3 West Kalimantan (base) Adaro Model 3 * not required/may not be used If Adaro mining traffic is activated, some vehicles will automatically replace mine traffic, so if it’s safe, just remove the traffic, if you want to be more realistic, just install it and ignore the traffic bugs that are in the way. Credits Sultan, Abdulhayyi, Fatkhul Anam

Credits: Sultan, Abdulhayyi, Fatkhul Anam


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