Java Road Revolution Map v0.60b - 1.46
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Changelogs: – Compatibility update for ETS2 1.46 – New city : Cilegon (and surrounding) – New ferry access : Merak Seaport – New toll/highway access : Tol Tangerang – Merak – Added environmental/ambient sound in all places to make this map feels more alive – Fixed several bugs Type B : ProMods BG version – spesificaly for PM Afro-eurasia background map. Main Contents / Features: “Jabodetabek” Metropolitan Area : Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang (not added Bekasi yet) Banten Province : Cilegon A lot of realistic scenery Indonesia bus station in every cities. Port / ferry access : Tanjung Priok (Jakarta), Merak Seaport (Banten) Real Indonesian motorway sections : JORR (Jakarta Outer Ring Road), Jagorawi, Jakarta – Merak etc. Notes: REQUIRED using additional background map (mentioned above) to reach JRR Map view from UI Map ! No DLC’s required! (you can use this map without map DLC, even if you don’t have completed one). Definitely compatible with so many add-on maps, especially for Europe & Global map combo Mod’s Load Order : For map combo, generally put all JRR map files below every other add-on map. Background Map (…all other mods…) (…all other addon maps…) – JRR_Def&Map[…ETS2 version…].scs – JRR_Assets&Models1.scs – JRR_Assets&Models2.scs

Credits: Septian_MR


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