ICRF Reworked Map v2.0 (1.40.x)
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This is ICRF Reloaded V2. It is one of the best maps of Euro Truck Simulator 2. In this Update, You will get Tamil Nadu environment like bus stand, hotel, garage etc. Volvo parking model is added in there. There is also some new bus stand like Tamil Nadu. Hopefully, you will enjoy this map very much. Supported Version: 1.36-40 DLC Required: All Map DLC. Don’t reupload it. Use this provided link for sharing anywhere. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this mod very much & always support me for videos similar to this one! Map Author: Adie Reworked By: Imtiaz Reloaded By : Jky5 Player Converted By: Solmon Alice Gaming

Credits: Solmon Alice Gaming


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