Europe Enhanced Mod v1.0.75 (1.49.x)
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Europe Enhanced - this mod aims to be more realistic for countries in Europe. It contains new landmarks that have been made in several cities, and new signs for select cities (Catania, Istanbul and Saint Petersburg). Signs across the map have also been modified to be more like their real-life counterparts. Is a popular modification that aims to improve and enhance the overall gameplay experience by providing various enhancements to the game's environment, roads, cities, and more. This mod goes beyond the original game content to add additional features and details that create a more immersive and realistic European trucking simulation experience. Features Europe Enhanced: - This mod includes both the map and models files; - Enhanced Road Network: The mod adds new and improved road layouts, intersections, and highways to create a more diverse and realistic road network throughout Europe. - Updated Cities and Landscapes: This mod enhances the visual quality of cities, landscapes, and landmarks, providing more detailed textures, improved lighting, and added scenery to make the game world more vibrant and lifelike. - Realistic Traffic: The mod introduces more realistic traffic patterns, AI behavior, and road events to make the driving experience feel more dynamic and challenging. - Additional Features: The Europe Enhanced Mod may include other features such as new company skins, trailers, and cargo types, as well as tweaks to gameplay mechanics like fuel consumption and economy balancing. Tested on game version 1.49.x

Credits: OnyxCrow22


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