Central Bohemia Project v0.2:1 - 1.50
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Changelog v.0.2:1 (1.50.x) – Compatibility only for 1.50.x Central Bohemia Project is the name for a map which will be contain part of Czech Republic. Exactly whole Central Bohemia county + parts of surrounding counties. Map size will reach to dimensions about 145 km x 130 km (scale 1:2). Whole map will replace the original Europe by SCS and will be developed part by part. Feature – Standalone map – Scale 1:2 – 14 cities – Own objects on the map – Beautiful landscapes – Interesting interchanges – Many attractions – It is necessary to have all DLC cards. Launch: create a new profile, select the cbp.mbd card module This mod needs all DLC map extensions from SCS and Etrusan3D Credits KubaK88

Credits: KubaK88


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